Fried Tripa taco is the gastronomic jewel of Tijuana

In one of the oldest areas of the city you will find a lot of flavor

Tacos are a very important dish in Mexican gastronomy (and they are slowly becoming global gastronomy), we have different varieties throughout the country. There are the classics and the innovators. In any case, there is a taco for each person, and even for each job, a very common example; people who work in an office and tacos varios.

In San Diego Red we will have Taco Tuesdays, and start our "Taco Tour" section, where we will be presenting you a different tacos every 7 days, so be prepared! Today we present you a jewel of the city to enjoy gut tacos.

This gut taco has a very particular process, as Claudia Adayan tells us, who, with her husband, are the owners of this taco cart. Claudia, from the state of Veracruz and her husband from CDMX, brought with them a bit of her gastronomic culture and started this family business in 1997, with so much history and tacos served with the best quality of their product and techniques that have helped them to turn these ingredients into quality tacos.

The process that the gut goes through during its preparation is very important for the flavor it will have in the taco, Claudia tells us. In which stands out, to clean the guts very well before cooking. Then she cooks it in "water with little salt and some secret spices" (Claudia laughs), and it finishes on the griddle with little fat, to avoid preserving it and leave a silky taste to the tongue, the foreign couple comments.

The taco is prepared with a good-sized freshly made corn tortilla, avocado (which is not reduced, it is only mashed), onion, fresh cilantro, roasted onion, and can also be accompanied with beans from the pot. The sauces they use are three: red, nopal and tatemada green.

“La Güera” (as they know it in Colonia Libertad) recommends gut with red sauce and rice water.

“Tacos Chile Relleno La Güera” as it appears on Google Maps, serves tacos de asada (steak, very CDMX style), chile relleno tacos (weathered chili and stuffed with cheese, house specialty) and fried gut tacos.

So many years with this business are not the product of its advertising, nor its local appeal (which, like all taco carts have the comfort of eating on the bar, standing or at their aluminum tables and chairs), but of its exquisite fried gut and Chile relleno (of which we will soon bring you a separate note).

To accompany the taco, they serve soft drinks and aguas frescas: hibiscus and rice, freshly made. These tacos cost $25 MXN ($1.35 USD) and campechanos $40 MXN ($2.16 USD) . They are located in Colonia Libertad, on Calle 17 (Adolfo Ruiz Cortinez), corner with Av. Teniente Miguel Guerrero, coming down from the Tijuana Airport.



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