CBP issues recommendations for crossing the border after Spring Break

These are reminders that CBP makes after your return from your Spring Break vacation in Mexico

The month of March for American students and workers means Spring Break. As expected, many of them cross to Mexico to relax and have fun on Mexican beaches.

One of the most visited tourist spots by Americans in Spring Break is Rocky Point (known in Mexico as Puerto Peñasco) in addition to Rosarito which is located in Baja California. The United States Customs and Border Protection Service (CBP) wants to ensure that their travelers return safely to the United States at the end of their trip.

For this reason, they released a report with all the details that Americans should know on their return to the United States, after the holidays, to not have any issues when crossing:

CBP may question you about your trip

CBP officers at ports of entry have the authority to question you about your personal background and citizenship. They may also question you about the nature of your trip and about any items you intend to cross to the United States.

You must declare all items

At the port of entry you must declare everything you are going to cross and that has been purchased abroad. Remember that there are prohibited items and restricted items.

What are the prohibited items?

Products that prevent CBP from entering the United States are all that can harm community health, public safety, American workers, children, or the domestic life of plants and animals, such as: dangerous toys, automobiles that do not protect their travelers in a crash, bushmeat, or illegal substances such as wormwood and Rohypnol.

What are the restricted products?

Those that require special licenses or permits from a federal agency before the item can enter the United States, such as: firearms, certain fruits and vegetables, animal products, animal by-products, and some animals.

Check if you can cross what you carry

Remember there are certain ]fruits, meats, dairy / poultry products or firewood you must verify if they are allowed to cross from Mexico to the United States, remember they can fine you from $1,000 per offense for the first time for non-commercial amounts if you do not declare certain products.

Bring official identifications

Remember to carry your US passport cards or driver's licenses, since these documents will allow travelers to cross in a more efficient way.

Check waiting times at border ports of entry

Remember to check the CBP Border Border Time (BWT) page] or download the BWT app on Google Play or the Apple App Store to check the wait time at the ports of entry of your choice.

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