TOP 27 Advertising Agencies in San Diego

In today’s online driven society, it is more important now than ever for businesses to have their brand’s presence online to be successful. However, the days of creating a very simple website with some basic contact information are long gone. It’s imperative to have fully functioning websites that offer not only contact information, but often a who’s who in the business, the services offered, and even blog articles to help prospective and current clients understand more about the services provided. The need for more advanced online presence has created a whole new industry: digital marketing. Following, read about the top 27 advertising agencies in San Diego that specialize in digital marketing.

#1 CNG Digital Marketing

As a top ranked digital marketing agency, CNG assesses and invigorates their clients online presence. Through SEO, PPC and content strategies, CNG pushes their clients to the lead of the pack. Innovative online marketing and digital marketing tactics combined with a commitment to client relations equals organic traffic and successful conversion to grow their clients businesses.

#2 Digital Lab Agency

Top 10 2019 Digital Marketing agency in San Diego award winner, Digital Lab, focuses on generating highly qualified leads tailored specifically to each clients needs. Digital Lab offers a variety of services including SEO, web design, social media and more. The staff at Digital Lab work hard to help clients grow their brand, acquire more customers and nurture their current ones. Digital Lab’s proven digital marketing strategies also include dedicated account managers for their clients, result driven campaigns and growth hacking strategies.

#3 Storm Brain

Storm Brain’s belief in the value of connection fuels their creative, innovative and passionate work to high levels. They have developed a four step process to help clients turn dreams into successful businesses. Storm Brain works with each client to develop the online presence that best suits the individual business and reach their target audience.

#4 Straight Fire

Since 1998, StraightFire has provided businesses with digital marketing expertise using analytics and technology. Clear, creative marketing and design is tailored to each client's individual needs. From web design and development to internet marketing and branding, StraightFire works closely with their clients to help them be successful.

#5 L7 Creative

L7 Creative is a digital marketing agency that uses creative strategy, branding and web design to further clients business connections and help them be successful. The team at L7 Creative combines commitment and customer service for a top client experience. The award-winning agency has provided their services for over a decade to numerous successful brands.

#6 Bulldog Drummond

It can be all too easy for businesses, new and classic alike, to fade into the background. The team at Bulldog Drummond has made it their mission to create the uncommon and help their clients stand out from the crowd. Bulldog Drummond creates and designs brands, products and experiences to engage with an online audience with a proven methodology as evidenced by their success over the last 15 years.

#7 Advanced Marketing Strategies

Advanced Marketing Strategies provides services in both traditional and modern media formats. For 25 years, Advanced Marketing Strategies has combined strategy and resources to get results for their clients. From strategic planning and result driven research to creative design and experienced knowledge, Advanced Marketing Strategies handcrafts marketing solutions for each clients individual needs. Advanced Marketing Strategies caters to a variety of fields including real estate and the service industry.

#8 Cuker Agency

Award-winning Cuker Agency creates digital experiences to connect customers and grow businesses revenue. Using strategic digital marketing to empower their clients brands, Cuker Agency combines best practices and innovative technology. Cuker Agency utilizes a variety of technologies including search engine optimization, social media and more. Cuker’s progressive digital marketing campaigns have helped numerous businesses grow their client base and revenue for over a decade.

#9 Brandlift Digital Marketing

5 star Yelp rated Brandlift Digital Marketing has a proven track record for developing smart strategies for their clients. Brandlift Digital Marketing specializes in a variety of digital media platforms. Using strategic marketing techniques and web analytics, Brandlift Digital Marketing uses progress reports and dedicated staff to provide excellent service.

#10 One Click Marketing of San Diego

One Click Marketing has won multiple awards for their work in digital marketing. They have experienced in-house staff that works to create a transparent relationship with their clients. One Click Marketing keeps a limited client roster to make sure and provide high quality customer service. For over 10 years, One Click Marketing has worked to learn how best to utilize Google’s search algorithms.

#11 Jacob Tyler

At Jacob Tyler the seasoned creative professional have won numerous awards for their consistently great work. Using digital marketing, web design and analytics among other strategies to attract and convert new customers to their clients business. Jacob Tyler’s staff works closely with their clients every step of the way.

#12 Traina Design

At Traina Design, brands have been built and taken to the next level since 2005. Specializing in highly-crafted design and driving action to engage new customers, Traina Design has worked with both small start ups and titans of industry to help them bring forth their unique voice. The team works closely with their clients to forge long-term partnerships.

#13 REQ

REQ combines expertise in various industries to create exciting brands and get the attention of potential customers for REQ’s clients. REQ helps their customers reach new audiences and engage them by defining brands with creativity and strategy. Using a variety of formats, search engine optimization, and social media to further reach new customers, solidify relationships with current customers and break away from the competition.

#14 Raindrop Marketing

Raindrop focuses on the human connection in marketing. Whether looking to attract new customers or further engage current ones, Raindrop’s expert team creates experiences that make meaningful connections. The team at Raindrop work collaboratively to bring their clients dreams to reality and guide them through the ever-changing marketing world.

#15 Oster and Associates, Inc.

Since 1986, Oster and Associates have developed solutions for clients using both strategy and creativity. The award-winning team has a history of success for over 30 years, bringing together all elements of advertising, branding and marketing to keep their clients ahead of the game. In an evolving marketing landscape, Oster and Associates understands how to keep clients moving forward.

#16 SunerGarcia

SunerGarcia is an innovative digital marketing agency made up of a team of enthusiastic, hardworking, creative individuals. SunerGarcia’s award-winning work includes incorporating technology with excellent client relations to create exciting branding for their clients and following that with an effective marketing campaign. SunerGarcia offers a variety of marketing services, such as social media, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising.

#17 Rosemont Media, LLC

Specializing in the medical and dental niches, Rosemont combines style and substance through all-encompassing digital marketing strategies and resources. Rosemont Media’s in-house team is expertly trained in their fields and work integratively to create incredibly successful campaigns resulting in real growth. Highly-rated Rosemont Media helps take their clients practices to new heights.

#18 OnMarc

OnMarc is a digital marketing agency known for their business to business (B2B) expertise. The team at OnMarc boasts decades of digital marketing experience with numerous successful companies. Certified in several areas, OnMarc’s boutique agency is committed to helping their clients grow their business using every resource available in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

#19 Ignite Visibility

The highly rated digital marketing agency in San Diego, Ignite Visibility, began its journey in 2013. Ignite Visibility focuses on comprehensive offerings and great customer service. Co-founders, John and Krish, have a combined 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry and bring forth their goals of innovation, integrity and commitment. Ignite Visibility has received many top honors and is one of the fastest growing companies in their field. They offer numerous services in a variety of industries all with the promise of excellent customer service.

#20 Tinuiti

Wading the waters of Google, Facebook and Amazon can be a tricky undertaking and Tinuiti connects their clients to customers across these platforms and more. Tinuiti focuses their attention on the potential customers and how to grab their attention using their framework, GAMMA, that has been developed to deliver proven results.

#21 Business Online

Business Online works with companies to grow their business through data from analytics and creative marketing strategies. Beginning with meaningful insights that lead to human connection causing customers to engage digitally and therefore build revenue, Business Online guides their clients through each step of the process. Business Online uses data to sort out what works most effectively and create an efficiently creative digital marketing campaign.

#22 Inseev Interactive

As one of San Diego’s fastest growing private companies, Inseev Interactive builds marketing campaigns designed to pay for themselves. Inseev Interactive pays close attention to detail to achieve maximum efficiency. Statistically driven, Inseev Interactive works to create scalable profit for their clients. The team at Inseev Interactive’s vast knowledge and expertise of digital marketing breeds historically successful campaigns.

#23 Titan Growth

Specializing in SEO and PPC, Titan Growth combines experience and technology to grow their clients companies. Titan Growth’s patented TitanBOT is the game-changer for search engine optimization and their partnership with Google gives their clients an edge. The triple certified team at Titan Growth are experts in search engine optimization ranking and using media to reach their clients target audience.

#24 eBoost Consulting

The team at eBoost Consulting takes the specific goals of their clients and tailor advertising campaigns to those needs. Since 2005, eBoost Consulting has helped their clients run successful advertising campaigns to drive more traffic and grow online sales. eBoost Consulting makes it a point to stay in contact with clients, provide clear reports and perform consistently.

#25 Radd Interactive

Radd Interactive’s digital marketing team specializes in cutting-edge online marketing strategies. Their team of experts has developed techniques and technologies that are proved and tested to be effective. However, because they value the individuality of each client, they don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Whatever the needs of the clients are, Radd Interactive put together a customized plan to meet those goals.

#26 3Q Digital

3Q Digital’s penchant for teamwork, innovation, and statistics create a well-balanced atmosphere to create digital marketing that helps clients reach new heights. Helping clients understand their customer base better is an integral part of the 3Q Operating System that not only helps their clients growth today but in the future as well.

#27 Siege Media

Siege Media focuses on SEO content marketing, bringing their clients traffic, links and rankings to grow their business and attract new customers. Using search engine optimization, creative content and graphic design, as well as strategic link building, Siege Media helps their clients get noticed and build stronger relationships with their customers.

Navigating the world of online advertising can be quite daunting and confusing, which is why turning to one of the top advertising agencies in San Diego could be a great business decision. Experienced internet marketing agencies have the knowledge and resources to create advertising campaigns to get businesses noticed, drive more traffic to their websites and encourage lengthy relationships with current customers.


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