Doctor from Tijuana guarantees a more pleasurable and longer sex life

The doctor, who specializes in urology and genital innovation, offers a painless penis enlargement procedure

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Some men have thought of the idea of penis enlargement. Be it for self satisfaction, to make theirs or their partners´ sex lives better or simply because they believe its necessary.

The internet is full of exercises, miracle treatments, food, special devices and even rituals to enlarge the size of the penis. Needless to say, these options are not viable and the only way to achieve it is by: consulting a specialist.

If you want to avoid a painful treatment we have good news, Ricardo Madrigal, the medical specialist in urology and genital innovation offers a painless penis enlargement procedure so we talked about EGOH SHOT XL.Have you heard of it?

What does the procedure consist of?

This innovative procedure is designed to enhance the endurance of the male reproductive organ, especially to enlarge its size, making it thicker and giving it a longer appearance.

How much bigger will the size of the penis be?

It will have a 20 to 30% enlargement, increasing from 1 up to 1.5 inches from its original size.

This procedure is completely painless and it is one of the safest procedures that exists in all the world, and not only that, this technique only takes approximately 30 minutes, there is no need for hospitalization and there is no recovery period.
One of the benefits that this procedure provides is that your partner will be able to reach orgasms more easily, making them more pleasurable and lasting.

The EGOH SHOT XL consists of a subdermic gel injection on the penis´ body. If you wish to learn more about this procedure please visit his website.

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Dr. Ricardo Madrigal is well known for his experience in male urology and for his minimal invasive genetical cosmetics techniques. With his exclusive technique he positions himself as the best doctor and expert in penis enlargement of Latinamerica.


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