“La Perrona” the famous salsa from Tijuana now available in Walmart around Mexico

Its founder announced the news through his social media accounts

Photo by: Composición creada con foto de Marketing Ecommerce y Salsa La Perrona

The "La Perrona" brand from Tijuana, is well known in the Baja California region. Even though it's one of the hottest sauces out there it makes you not want to give it up.

However, it took Luis Naranjo its creator 6 years from its beginnings in this border town, where he is from, to position it in small shops, restaurants, local markets", as well as in some big chains, allowing people to find it in more than 4 thousand sites around the state.

According to a publication made by its founder in social media, "after 2 years of insistence", the famous sauce from Tijuana will reach homes all over Mexico, by making "La Perrona" available in Walmart Mexico's shelves.

"Setting goals is the first step in turning your ideas into purpose. Six years ago, with a homemade blender and a fist of chiltepines, we started the dream of bringing a family recipe to all Mexicans," wrote Luis Naranjo on his Facebook account.

In turn, Naranjo recognized that this achievement has not only been his, but of family, friends, customers, suppliers and all those who continue to support this project.

Finally, the Tijuana native invited everyone to help him "fulfill this dream by supporting and promoting "La Perrona" - because, he confessed - La Perrona´s permanence in Walmart depends on all of us.

Have you tried "La Perrona"? Which version do you like best?



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