This is how Café el Mundo prepares itself in Tijuana to receive customers in a safe manner

After 23 years of entertaining in such a unique way and having to turn off its lights and microphone for the first time, due to health contingencies, Café del Mundo reopens its doors to continue sharing its good vibe, more than ever.

With a unique atmosphere and without being the typical coffee shop, this establishment is located on Blvd. Gustavo Salinas 10556, interior number 10, within the Avakián mall, colonia Aviación, in Tijuana came back with all the sanitary measures to face the COVID-19 pandemic and provide a safe space for their customers.

That is why when you arrive you will see, not only a sign indicating that the place has been sanitized (a process that is done once a week), but also a sanitization filter where the temperature is taken (it should not exceed 37 degrees), shoes are disinfected on a sanitizing mat, then you must dry the soles of the shoes on another mat and finally hand sanitizer (with 70% alcohol and skin friendly).

To enter, a face mask is mandatory, but if not, Jorge Navarro, in charge of Café del Mundo, told San Diego Red that "if you don't bring mask, you forgot it or it is no longer in good condition, we will give you one as a gift so that you can come in".

Once this process is completed, you are taken to your table, where you will find a sign indicating that your table has been sanitized, while other tables have signs indicating that they cannot be used, in order to maintain the healthy distance required between customers.

It is worth mentioning that in each available table, you can find a QR code that when scanned, the menu of the place is generated. Also, if you prefer, you can access the menu from the website or through Café del Mundo´s social media. The use of printed menus are currently prohibited due to the preventive measures.

Foto de Alejandro Fuentes
Foto de Alejandro Fuentes

According to the restrictions issued by authorities and the Department of Health, Navarro mentioned that "there cannot be more than 8 people per group at a distance of one and a half meters from each other" to enter this or any establishment, since the limit of people is only 30% of total occupancy.

The team that makes up Café del Mundo also goes through a process similar to that of the consumers: "When they arrive they all have to have their temperature taken, and we have a daily log, and every 4 hours they have to leave for about 30 minutes. To take off their face mask, which cannot be done if they are inside the facilities, they have to wear gloves. If they are in the dining room, they must wear gloves, a face mask and a face shield. If they pass the temperature test they stay, if they don´t, the protocol indicates that they must go home".

Composición hecha con fotografías de Alejandro Fuentes
Composición hecha con fotografías de Alejandro Fuentes

Meanwhile, employees in the cash register and kitchen must comply with these same measures, but according to the manager, they are not required to wear gloves and a mask since the heat generated in their work area can cause dizziness or shortness of breath, and may cause employees to drop utensils or containers. Because of the nature of their work, kitchen staff should wash and disinfect their hands every 15 minutes.

Composición hecha con fotografías de Alejandro Fuentes
Composición hecha con fotografías de Alejandro Fuentes

A space that is also of great importance during your stay in Café del Mundo, that has not been left out, is the restroom area and its hygiene, which must be checked every 20 minutes to ensure that it has every basic need such as: toilet paper, towels, soap, and now, hand sanitizer, in addition to the its proper cleaning.

Now, what is it about this coffee shop that makes it so different from the others? Like its name, when you enter you´ll find a world where anyone can fit in since its service consists of: cold or hot coffees, with or without alcohol, a bar service with white, Rosé and red wines, most from the Valle de Guadalupe; as well as national and imported liquors and creams, Italian soft drinks, fruit teas; as well as a bistro style cuisine, from which you can try different types of sandwiches, as well as their well known nachos and torpedoes.

When we refer to the fact that it is not the typical café, we are not only talking about the services it offers, but its atmosphere is something else. From its wall designs, on which you can see suns, flowers and different types of mandalas in brown, gold and beige tones, to the lamps on the ceiling, which give it a welcoming feeling that invites you to come in and see what else is there.

It may seem like an average coffee shop from the outside, its wooden tables and a bar with an array of alcoholic beverages, create the perfect atmosphere for you to enjoy anything, whether it's a coffee, different types of tea, beer, wine, even gastronomic delicacies. You will also find a terrace to enjoy the city's landscape, with lights hanging from the ceiling and a screen so you don't miss your favorite video.

In addition, it allows you to discover your talent through its karaoke, which is currently available Fridays and Saturdays from 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Foto de Alejandro Fuentes
Foto de Alejandro Fuentes

"Today, due to the circumstances we are living in, there is a space marked on the floor, which is the distance required for people to be able to pass around, to be seated, and even for the DJ or to walk to the toilets. Once that person sings, the microphone, the cable is disinfected, although there is a base to hold the microphone, and we recommend that you keep it there, but there are people who cannot let go of the microphone. It takes 30 seconds for it to take effect, and the next person sings. That's the way it's being handled as of right now", explained Jorge Navarro.

Café el Mundo normally offers board games like jenga, uno, chess, cards, monopoly, marathon, rummikub, Chinese checkers, backgammon, battleship and even Ouija; but since these are objects that are used by different people, they will not be available in their reopening.

Foto de Alejandro Fuentes
Foto de Alejandro Fuentes

But something that continues is [b][b][/b]Tarot nights[/b], where you can come in and take a hand reading on Tuesdays. For now, the hours that the café works with are temporary and they will be Tuesday through Sunday from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

If you have visited the café before, you might find a picture of you with your friends or family on one of the tables, if you haven´t this is the time to become part of the Café el Mundo family.

Finally, Jorge Navarro remarked that all the personnel are certified by a “Safe Table” workshop, which is part of the sanitary protocol issued by the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Food Industry (CANIRAC) of Tijuana.

Take a look and see for yourself if these measures are being followed and add this café to the list of safe places to get you out of the headspace of the health crisis we are in.

"We are more than ready to welcome you and make you feel at home, and make you feel safe, calm. We have to take care of our own and we have to take care of you too so that you come back and return home safely," added Navarro.

What about you, are you ready to discover Café del Mundo? Who are you going to have coffee with?


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