13 year old patient, the most severely ill at IMSS clinic 20, beats COVID-19

Joel went into a coma and spent 28 days

Photo by: Facebook IMSS

Baja California has been one of the states in Mexico most affected by COVID-19, its proximity to the border with the United States and the constant mobility of its inhabitants has fostered infection since the start of the pandemic.

Although the figures have not been encouraging for Mexicali and Ensenada, the latest reports from the Department of Health indicate that there is a declining trend in Tijuana, and more and more people are known to have overcome the fight against this disease.

We recently shared the case of Larry Kelly, a 64-year-old man from New York who spent 128 days in the hospital and survived.

Now comes the story of Joel, a 13-year-old who was the most critical patient at the IMSS Regional General Hospital No. 20 in Tijuana.

He had experienced serious difficulties during the last few weeks. He fell into a coma, had his lungs completely congested, had several modifications to his treatments, and after spending 17 days intubated in the intensive care unit there were not many chances of recovery.

His father recounts how he felt during Joel's critical stage.

I knew my son was on the verge of death, I was desperate, but we didn't lose hope. The care I had from the doctors and nurses was excellent. They kept me informed all the time

Dr. Cesar Figueroa, director of HGR No.20 shared:

It was a patient with a very complicated scenario, which required additional specialized care to get him out of his condition. As with every patient, everything medically possible was done. In Joel's case, fortunately, his body and youth finally responded positively

After 28 days in the hospital, Joel was checked out. He does not remember any details of his severe condition, only that he woke up with an oxygen mask on, serum in his arm and hardly any discomfort. He spent five more days under observation and returned home.

Joel's father handed over a handwritten letter in appreciation to the doctors, nurses, stretcher bearers, janitors and all those involved in the care of his son, showing the great dedication, human quality and professionalism of the health personnel working at the IMSS Regional Hospital No. 20 in Tijuana.

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