First "Fashion Mall" to open in Tijuana

The modern complex will also include a hotel, offices, residences and beautiful spaces

Photo by: Inmobiliare

You have probably passed by the East Fast Track and noticed the construction going on in the middle of it and the Alamar Fast Track, wondering: What are they going to do there?

The answer is: A new shopping center.

This place will be the new "Fashion Mall" of Tijuana and will have stores like Liverpool and Cinépolis, as well as other recognized brands of clothing and accessories.

It will offer a wide range of culinary options and will also be a pleasant place to relax where visitors will be able to stroll in the coming years,. This plaza "is more than just a place to shop, it's an interactive destination that both tourists and guests can explore and enjoy”.

The project is in charge of CDT Developments and Vertex Real Estate Investors, who through the investment of a local family, "Peninsula", began building the complex several months ago, which will include a hotel, residences and offices.

Being unique in its type, with a serious and strategic competitive advantage focused on its positioning and marketing, it is expected to open its doors in the fall of this year, however, due to the contingency for the COVID-19 they will probably delay the opening until 2021.

Planning to become the new heart of Tijuana, this new Town Center with fashion, fun and leisure offerings will be the epicenter of a dynamic mixed-use district that offers cutting edge spaces.

With an area of 235,000 m2, the plaza will have an exclusive pavilion covered by shade to generate comfortable spaces through which you can walk. The design is intended as an "oasis stage" with three staggered levels of shops overlooking the stream and luxurious green areas.

The "Fashion Mall" whose model includes 50% interior and 50% exterior space will have unique restaurants and large terraces that will lend themselves to the local culture. In this way "Peninsula" creates a new self-contained City Hub, which will stimulate future growth and development around this "urban oasis".

The component will comprise a total of 156 profitable retail, entertainment and food service venues; divided into 3 levels. On the third floor the cinema, gymnasium and restaurants will be located.

Among its main attractions are the open areas of corridors, bodies of water and gardens, which will have an area of 34,400 m2.

The plaza will have 3,300 parking spaces.

Regarding the offices there will be 8 levels available for rent. The Full Service Hotel will have 14 levels in the south access from the shopping center. And finally, the residential complex will be located in the northern access with 14 levels of rooms from the ground floor; this property will have its own entrance isolated from the mall.

With information from Danae Herrera and Inmobiliare


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