Baja California

''La Coahuila'' in Tijuana reports active weekend under red light

Tourism is starting to revive in downtown Tijuana, even though these places are not allowed to operate

In the midst of the pandemic and under a red light, which according to the Department of Health in Mexico means the closure of non-essential activities, it seems that in Baja California they have moved to a green light, because activities and nightlife have been reactivated in Tijuana, which continues to welcome visitors in its famous areas such as ''La Zona Norte'' or ''La Coahuila'' recognized by the street where cantinas, table dance, nightclubs and sex workers are abundant, and which continue to operate and some do not even wear masks.

Last Friday, August 7, we took a tour of downtown Tijuana. The reopening of the city's renowned bars and restaurants has caused people to go out again and above all, there has been an increase in tourism. The ''Revu'' is beginning to receive Americans, most of them from California, the American state with the most positive cases of coronavirus.

During the tour, the streets were full of people, some wearing face masks and others not, but there was definitely no ''safe distancing'' between people, and that was not the most impressive thing. We went down to the famous area where the well known ''congales'' that receive hundreds of tourists every year are located.

Did you think the mythical nightlife in Tijuana would stop despite the pandemic?

One of the famous nightclubs in the city does not turn off its lights and although it seems to be closed from the outside, you can see the male workers wearing their uniforms and walking the streets, you also noticed the arrival of women in luxury cars, who entered through the door that apparently "is closed".

On the other hand, there is a hotel at the side of this place, which is presumably connected to the bar and has a rear exit.

At the entrance there were about three sex workers.

At the back of the hotel, a woman and a man were seen leaving through the back door, wearing masks.

The first alleyway in Coahuila is where the most noticeable crowd of men and 'paraditas' (sex workers) was observed, who do not stop working despite risking their health.


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