Disneyland in California is ready to reopen to the public

Disneyland parks in Florida will reduce their hours due to low attendance

After the coronavirus outbreak, Disneyland's renowned theme parks closed their doors to the public, and although some in various countries have already reopened, the original one in California remains closed after the upsurge of cases that the state is going through.

The director of Disney's theme parks said the company is ready to reopen Disneyland in California as soon as officials establish health and safety guidelines that allow the theme parks to reopen.

State officials have not allowed the theme parks to reopen due to an increase in coronavirus cases. However, Orange County, where Disneyland resides, was removed on Sunday from the list of counties with the most positive cases of coronavirus in California.

Disneyland in California had planned to reopen its doors to the public on July 17, but that was postponed, because of an increase in coronavirus cases in California during the first half of the summer.

On the other hand, Disneyland parks in Florida will reduce their hours due to the low number of visitors caused by the coronavirus outbreak, some of them will close from one to two hours earlier.

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