Cueva del Peludo suspended for health verification

The inspection was carried out by Coepris, a hotel that works together with this establishment was also checked

Photo by: Composición creada con foto de Google Maps y Secretaria de Salud

The Secretary of Health, Alonso Perez Rico, talked during the COVID-19 cases update in Baja California a sanitary verification carried out last Thursday, September 3, at the establishment "La Cueva del Peludo", after a claim that pointed out the entrance of people through the back part of the place.

According to Perez Rico, "the inspection was carried out by the the Department of Health's, Coepris," which found the following:

In view of this, the authorities suspended this establishment completely, until these irregularities are addressed, said the Secretary of Health, who also added that "despite the fact that it was closed, there is evidence that it did not comply with current regulations regarding health risks. As a result of the complaint made yesterday, this establishment was visited. The claim pointed out that they were letting people in through the back door, but they were were apparently entering through a hotel".

That is why before checking the "Cueva del Peludo", the "Hotel Don Pocho" was inspected, which operates with the famous place in the city.

In this inspection, the following was found:

Among the evidences it was observed that it was habilitated as a bar, there were people inside, "it was habilitated as a kind of night club and that is not the spin of the hotel, there was even fruit there", commented the Secretary of Health.

Because of this, this hotel was also suspended "definitively, without access to the entire establishment," said Perez Rico.


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