Fines can now be paid with electronic credit card terminals in Tijuana

It is no longer necessary to go to the delegation, you can pay the infraction on the spot with a card

Photo by: Pexels

The news that fines in Tijuana must now be paid with an electronic terminal are circulating in social media.

According to some photographs, a municipal agent can be seen with the device in hand which gives the option of "New Infraction", which begins the proceedings to sanction a motorist who incurred the traffic violation.

Then, the receipt is shown which gives the data of the infringed vehicle, with its license plate number, circulation card, brand, owner's name, driver's name, patrol car, name and number of the police officer who issued the fine, as well as the reason for the infraction, among others.

In this case it was a fine for not using the seat belt, thus violating article 13 of the traffic regulations. The amount of the fine is $1,824 pesos with the discount already applied. The receipt is dated September 19 of this year.

The new method replaces the traffic books, which means that drivers will no longer have to go to a police station to pay the fine, but can pay it right there through the terminal by credit or debit card. If they do not have one of these, payment in cash can be made at the station.

The audio that accompanies the information broadcast on WhatsApp indicates that fines cannot be cancelled and that, if the infringed vehicle has American plates, the fine will go to the United States registry. It also states that the fine for speeding is 8 thousand pesos in Tijuana, and if the discount is applied it will cost 4 thousand pesos.

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