Profeco: Toyota Prius vehicle failure alert

If you have a car from this company, know if the model that presents the fault is the same as yours

Photo by: Jessica Furtney en Unsplash

Through the Federal Consumer Attorney's Office (Profeco), the car company Toyota Mexico, issued a quick alert because they detected a failure in one of the models of their vehicles.

This is the Prius 2014 and 2015, which could not enter "Protection Mode" as it was designed for some possible failure in the Hybrid System, causing the tank to lose power and stop.

"While steering and braking assistance will continue to operate, the vehicle's possible stop while driving at high speeds could increase the risk of an accident," Toyota explained.

In view of this, users of these vehicles are asked to assist their nearest concessionaire in order to upgrade the Hybrid System Software for free, and in case of failure in the Inverter of this system will also be replaced at no cost if it relates to the current failure in these cars.

Do you have this model? Have you visited your dealership yet?

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