Mexico and USA propose new border bridge: Otay II- Otay Mesa

In the framework of the new T-MEC, the infrastructure between both countries was discussed

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports what happened yesterday, since Mexico led the last meeting of the year to deepen the binational action plan, which addresses the infrastructure between the two countries.

The United States-Mexico Binational Group of International Crossings and Bridges established a dialogue and mentioned that one of the advances, and one of the topics discussed, was the proposal for the new border port Otay II- Otay Mesa. Same that will be located between Baja California and California. No further information was given, but work will be done on the project.

The progress of the project Puerta México-San Ysidro-El Chaparral, which will be inaugurated at the end of 2020, was also announced.

Both countries recognized the importance of modernizing the infrastructure of the border entry ports within the framework of the T-MEC (Mexico, United States, Canada).

Mexico and the United States agreed to achieve improvements and remain committed to environmental, social and economic issues.

It is estimated that in 2019 alone, trade between Mexico and the United States grew by 601 billion dollars. Eighty percent of this flowed between border ports. And this is established for the flourishing of the border economy.

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