The autumn bird migration process has begun

The biodiversity of ecosystems and the impact on natural processes influence human activities.

Today, 11 October 2020, as part of World Migratory Bird Day, the United Nations Organization reminds us of the importance of this process and of the thousands of species that roam the world on a large scale.

Migration is a process that many species on the planet go through. This is a periodic and cyclical process of animal populations, it has to do with their sites of reproduction or non-breeding and survival.

The American continent is the scenario where approximately 340 species migrate to tropical environments of Mexico, Central and South America, from temperate environments of North America.

When does this process occur?

In one year there are two migratory periods, spring and fall. The fall period occurs between September and November. They move south, but others stay in Mexico. For this, the birds feed before making the journey, some species become obese since they consume large amounts of energy-rich food. The migration schedule is mixed, it can be during the night or the day, and it travels in flocks or in mixed flocks with other species.

During the migration the birds face obstacles such as: antennas, buildings, windows, as well as hurricanes or storms.

Due to agricultural and urban expansion, the ecosystems they need to live or reproduce are being drastically reduced, according to reports from the Colegio de la Frontera Norte, located in Baja California.

The UN Secretary General states that the attack on nature is having devastating and lasting consequences on human health, economies and societies.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an example of a disease that has spread from wild sources to humanity.

Accordingly, today on World Migratory Bird Day there is an opportunity to appreciate the cycles of nature on earth and these animals so important to the welfare of humanity.

It is important to protect habitat and migratory species to address the crises of biodiversity loss and climate change.

The UN emphasizes that it is important to emerge from the pandemic and adopt policies that will lead to a more sustainable and empathetic world.

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