What is thanksgiving?

The most popular holiday in the United States, Canada and some Caribbean islands

As we all know, Thanksgiving is a world-renowned tradition, although it is celebrated in more and more places, it is typical of the United States and Canada. The celebration takes place on the fourth Thursday in November, so this year's celebration is on the 26th. It is a family celebration, where the food is abundant and the turkey plays a special role. The main objective of this meeting is to give thanks.

Its origin goes back to the history of the first settlers who came to the United States from England and is related to the autumn harvest. According to tradition, in the early 1920's, a group of settlers from Plymouth, Massachusetts decided to celebrate the good fall harvest with the Wampanoag Indians to show their appreciation for the corn planting and hunting techniques they were taught. After a period of famine and disease, these teachings led to the prosperity of the colonial communities due to the consumption of natural poisonous plants.

A family meeting is held and a dinner is prepared for it, the main dish is a baked or roasted turkey, sprinkled with cranberry sauce. It is accompanied by mashed potatoes and different vegetables (beans, carrots and onions) and hot apple cider with spices is enjoyed.

The most common desserts are apple pie, pecan pie and pumpkin pie. In many homes, this celebration begins with prayers of thanksgiving to God for the blessings received during the year and brings together not only family members, but also very close friends.


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