Border Security Agents Use Drones for Increased Surveillance in U.S.

The use of technology on the borders with Mexico and Yuma Arizona to identify illegal aliens attempting to cross the border.

Photo by: Agente Taylor

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has implemented airplanes and small drones for increased surveillance at the borders.

In surveillance activity - the department says - the drones have served to identify groups of people trying to cross illegally into the United States. Recently, thanks to the drones, a group of 19 suspects were identified inside the Sudanese grass.

The drone technology provides air support to Border Patrol agents no matter where people hide.

The department reports that this technology is incorporated in a smaller contingency, rather than deploying Navy helicopters or air crews as these devices can be put into operation within minutes.

The Border Patrol has more than 135 of these systems throughout the United States, and 60 more are expected to be acquired.

There are currently 460 patrolling from the skies.

These devices are encrypted in case someone tries to hack into them or steal them. And, they can fly up to 30 minutes depending on the weather for up to 1,200 feet.

What technology do these devices use?

- Day and night infrared cameras
- Optical zoom of up to 30x

If agents suspect movement, the drone sends coordinates of the locations and the department takes action.

Approximately 600 agents are trained to use it and it is expected that by 2021 the number will double.

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