Initiative presented to make Tijuana the capital of Baja California

In view of what this means, the representative proposed a "constitutional referendum" for the citizens to express their opinion

Photo by: Archivo SDR

In the last 105 years, Mexicali has been recognized as the capital of Baja California, however, independent congressman Miguel Ángel Bujanda Ruiz seeks to change this through an initiative he will present in the local Congress.

This proposal suggests that the new state capital be located in Tijuana, thus modifying article 96 of the Baja California Constitution.

According to Bujanda, this initiative was born based on the fact that lthe border city is positioned as one of the cities with the largest population and generates most jobs, in addition to the fact that this will allow it to have national and international projection and would be a boost to investment for Baja California and governmental and private activities.

In view of what this means, the congressman proposed a "constitutional referendum"so that the population could give their opinion, either in favor or against it. Although in case of a positive response, the change will be sought in a way that does not affect the state's economy or government.

For the time being,this Wednesday the proposal of the representative will go to the Committee of Government, Legislation and Constitutional Points to be approved and voted on in December.

Upon the publication of the Decree in the Official State Newspaper, Mexicali will remain as the capital for up to one year during which time a citizen consultation will be carried out to confirm this change and make the pertinent adjustments for the change of the seat of public authorities.

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