Tijuana businesses fear San Diego curfew will affect their economy

Both sides of the border will have difficulty with the restrictions imposed due to the increase in COVID-19 cases

Photo by: Saira Peñaloza

A few days ago, two news articles were released that could severely affect businesses on both sides of the border. The first is that the governments of Mexico and the United States decided that travel restrictions for tourists will continue to be limited.

This brings concerning consequences for businesses, especially those in San Ysidro, in fact, the Chamber of Commerce of the entity said in a statement that if the border is not opened this Christmas many establishments would be ruined.

They accepted that for them the decision taken by both governments is disappointing and that they feel ignored due to all the petitions they sent asking that the border be opened for non-essential crossings. They argue that there will be no real economic revival until they lift the restrictions.

On the other hand, the second news is that because California has an increase in COVID-19 cases, it was decided to establish a curfew, at least until December 21. The curfew went into effect this Saturday and establishes 10 p.m. as the limit for traffic on the streets.

This curfew worries Tijuana's merchants since, according to the president of tourism commerce on Revolución Avenue, it can affect the flow of tourism in the region, especially on weekends when our municipality receives most tourists.

The restaurants, cafes and bars of the Revolución are the ones that receive most American tourists, however, in order for these to remain open, the population needs to heed the call of the health authorities to apply the necessary measures for the control of COVID-19.

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