This is what the snow covering Baja California looks like from space

Previous winter storms caused snowfall in the region.

Photo by: Fiarum GobBC

During the last few days, winter storms have brought rain, winds and snowfall to Baja California, allowing us to feel a very cold environment.

Over the weekend, pictures began to circulate on social networks of how different areas such as La Rumorosa, Hanson Lagoon and El Condor were covered in white, surprising thousands of Baja Californians, but it has not been the only thing, as a recent satellite image shows us how the state looks covered in snow from space.

Baja California Civil Protection was in charge of sharing this photograph, which shows the extent of the snowfall in recent days.

In addition, the population has been asked not to approach the snowy area of Rumorosa, since the highway and free road are closed and the passage from Tecate to Mexicali is restricted.

Currently, the meteorological phenomena present in the region is cold front No. 32 in interaction with the eighth winter storm. According to this, forecasters expect the probability of snowfall to continue in the region, at least until 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, January 27.

During the next few days of this week, minimum temperatures of 14° to 23°F with frost in the mountainous areas are expected.

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