Oxygen and tanks triple in price in pandemic

Oxygen tank sales, refills and rentals have increased 3-fold in price since the pandemic began.

According to the National Alliance of Small Retailers (ANPEC), the prices of both oxygen and tanks have tripled during the development of the pandemic since its beginning last year.

Between the months of November and December, a refill of oxygen had a price of 250 pesos, currently the ANPEC survey revealed that the current cost is around 690 pesos. Regarding the tanks, those with a capacity of 680 liters maintained a price of 2 thousand 800 before the pandemic, now reaching the exorbitant amount of 18 thousand pesos. Other affected products are the concentrators, which increased their price from 11 thousand to 60 thousand pesos.

After registering this increase, ANPEC asked the corresponding authorities to regulate the prices as well as to keep a watchful eye on the sale, rental and recharge of the tanks.

Companies such as Infra, Infra de Sur, Paraxair and Cryoinfra, which are oxygen suppliers in Mexico, were pointed out by their buyers as the ones responsible for the increase in the costs of such medical supplies, blaming them for taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic that is currently being experienced around the world.

The organization pointed out that once prices stabilize they will bring greater economic stability and thus traders will bring their profit margin, besides helping to make their price even more accessible, since the hospital situation in the country requires that several families have to continue their COVID-19 treatment at home, so they need constant auxiliary oxygenation.

In December 2020, Mexico launched a program of Free Refill of Portable Oxygen Tanks, which had to meet certain requirements to be filled, for example that the cylinder has the Hydrostatic test in force and is inadequate physical condition for refilling.

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