There are one thousand 208 migrants infected by covid-19 in Mexico

The Mexican government declared that without exception, the anti-COVID vaccine will be applied to all migrants currently residing in the country.

Photo by: Colaborador San Diego Red AG

The Secretariat of Health (SS) reported that as of February 15, one thousand 208 cases of COVID-19 have been registered in immigrants, while 55 more have lost their lives due to the disease.

Gabriela Nucamendi Cervantes, director of Epidemiological Surveillance, stated based on the daily report of coronavirus in Mexico, that the countries from which the highest number of infected immigrants come so far are: Venezuela with 17.1%, United States 14.8%, Cuba with 7.5%, Honduras 8.1% and Colombia with 10.8%.

Regarding the states where most infected persons have been detected, Mexico City leads with 445 positive cases of COVID-19, Nuevo Leon with 100, Queretaro with 69, Chihuahua with 62, Guanajuato with 55, Quintana Roo with 53 and finally Baja California with 37 infected patients.

As for the 55 deaths, these have occurred in 22 states of the Mexican Republic, although mostly in the regions of Baja California, Quintana Roo, Mexico City and Jalisco, while 33% of the accumulated deaths are of people from the United States.

Jose Luis Alomia, General Director of Epidemiology, previously stated that migrants will have the right to receive the vaccine against the coronavirus, as established by the National Vaccination Plan, which is based on the age of the persons for the administration of the dose. He also emphasized that the lack of official documents will not represent any obstacle to apply the vaccine to interested immigrants.

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