Tijuana and Mexicali residents are asked not to get vaccinated in rural areas.

Hundreds of Tijuana residents attended vaccination centers in Tecate over the weekend, causing a disturbance in the number of anti-COVID doses.

Alonso Perez Rico, head of the Secretariat of Health of Baja California made a call of attention to the citizenship where he requests their cooperation in maintaining the order of the vaccine, mainly by avoiding traveling to other municipalities or rural areas of the state, since the figures of doses administered are distorted.

After the attendance of Tijuana and Mexicali residents in vaccination centers located in Tecate and other rural areas was detected, the Secretariat of Health (SS) of the state of Baja California made the decision to suspend the inoculation program in public areas, which caused the delay in the vaccination plan implemented by government authorities.

In view of such actions, the SS will begin to implement the application of the dose in the homes of people over 60 years of age, to whom this first stage of the massive vaccination campaign in Mexico is directed.

Since last weekend authorities registered the presence of hundreds of Tijuana residents in Tecate, who attended the rural town with the purpose of applying the anti-COVID vaccine and this time the situation has been repeated during the course of the week, only now it is the residents of Tecate traveling to Ciudad Morelos and other surrounding communities.

Currently, more than 29 thousand 470 doses against coronavirus have been applied in rural areas of Baja California, including the municipality of Tecate. Meanwhile, Baja California remains with just over 400 active cases, a number that has been decreasing for more than a month.

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