Tijuana will have a second-floor highway connecting the Airport with Playas

Commutes will be reduced from 40 minutes to only 7 minutes.

Photo by: Ayuntamiento de Tijuana

Tijuana will have its first viaduct which is an avant-garde proposal that will speed up mobility in the city.

The project will consist of a highway with a second floor section that will run from Cañon de Matadero to the Tijuana International Airport, with integrations to Zona Centro and Rio, and to the San Ysidro Border Port.

The roadway will reduce travel time from 40 minutes to only 7 minutes. It is worth mentioning that the state will not be indebted with the costs of the viaduct since the financing will be provided by a private company.

During the presentation made by the Government of Baja California and the City of Tijuana, the plan to build the Interurban Train, which will take advantage of the railroad infrastructure of the Via Corta Tijuana-Tecate, was also unveiled.

During its first stage, the train will run 27.4 kilometers from the San Ysidro border crossing in western Tijuana to the Maclovio Rojas ejido in the eastern zone. The transfer will take less than 50 minutes, passing through 7 different stations that will serve as feeder points to the city's main routes.

Finally, the Tijuana Integral Transportation System (SITT) will be relaunched by the Institute for Sustainable Mobility (IMOS). Renewing infrastructure, transportation units, technology, legality and order.

The SITT will move up to 15 thousand passengers during the first month of its renovation. It is estimated that by the end of 2021 it will serve as transportation for 50 thousand passengers daily.

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