De la Amistad Park in Tijuana closed for maintenance

They will be performing deep cleaning actions due to pollutants generated by companies

Last Thursday, photos of the lake of the famous Parque de la Amistad in Tijuana with strange colors began to surface, soon after people reported on the Facebook page of the Municipal System of Theme Parks of Tijuana (Simpatt), that the water had acquired a brownish tone and the ducks, which commonly swim in the lake's waters, were getting sick.

This was due to the fact that the Bioregeneradora de Baja California (BIOR) and Baja Waste Water Solution companies, located in Garita de Otay and dedicated to the collection of fats, oils and chemical products generated by other companies, spilled waste into the sewage system and contaminated the park's lake.

This endangered the lives of a large number of animals and could cause damage to the park's infrastructure. This is why they initiated a series of operations to carry out a "deep cleaning" of the site. According to Simpatt: "It is reported that the Amistad Park will remain closed this day due to deep cleaning works and following the recommendations of the agencies that made the studies in the lake water, in order to protect the flora, fauna and visitors of the place."

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