Discover the Rib Eye taco at a taquería in Playas de Tijuana

Despite having little space, this taco is prepared right there on the grill

Photo by: Carlos Osuna

Tijuana's taquerías continue to surprise in chef Danny Betancourt's tours around the border city.

This time he went to Playas de Tijuana, in Parque Mexico, where he found a very special taco cart, because besides being called "Los Chiles" and that makes you think that it was named that way for a reason; they are known for their Rib Eye taco.

Yes, you read that right, for $35 pesos you can eat a quality taco in the streets of Tijuana.

But while there, Danny also took the opportunity to try the $24 pesos cochinita taco, which looked very peculiar.

Find out what he thought of both tacos and how he rated them.

Cochinita Taco

Among the ingredients of this taco were yellow tortilla, beans from the pot, avocado, onion with habanero, "which they say is tasty but spicy," said the chef.

Upon taking the first bite, Danny made more than one gesture as he assured that "that habanero came with zest," but emphasized that the cochinita is soft and well seasoned.

However, the tortilla is "a little bit hard", so the chef rated this taco a 7.8.

Rib Eye Taco

In addition to the whole "steak", it is served with beans, avocado, onion, cilantro and a house sauce made with chile morrón, serrano chile and cambray onion.

"The meat is very tender, salt and pepper, the natural flavor of the meat; the tortilla is the same, yellow. The contrast of the sauce and the beans is very tasty, it doesn't sting at all and has a lot of flavor," said Danny after tasting it.

He also added that the tortilla tasted different because it was heated over charcoal, allowing him to taste and perceive the smoked flavor.

For the above, the chef gave this taco an 8 rating.

Have you heard of this taquerías? Who would you take to try this last taco?

Video: Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana: Los Chiles Tacos


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