Experience Veracruz, a Mexican tourist destination you must visit

Its splendid and captivating nature, with landscapes where sea and mountain, jungle and beach converge, make Veracruz one of the most chosen Mexican tourist destinations

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Its splendid and captivating nature, with landscapes where the sea and the mountains, the jungle and the beach, mighty rivers and fertile fields converge, as well as history and modernity, make Veracruz one of the most chosen Mexican tourist destinations.

Considered Mexico's gateway to the world, since this is where the Spaniards entered to form the Mexican nation, Veracruz keeps its tropical and indigenous essence alive, present not only in the archaeological sites, but also in its beautiful traditions, in its delicious and varied gastronomy, in its handicrafts and, above all, in the warmth and hospitality of its people.

This combination is what makes Veracruz one of the most interesting and varied tourist offers in the country, a destination that offers alternatives for all tastes and possibilities.

That is why in San Diego Red we share with you a guide for you to have at hand when you visit the state with the most important commercial seaport in Mexico.

Where to eat in Puerto de Veracruz?

Veracruz cuisine is characterized by its diversity and for combining the best flavors of the sea with traditional recipes that will delight your palate.

If you are looking for a restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and a wide variety of dishes during your visit to the Port of Veracruz, you should visit Fussión Restaurant.

As its name suggests, this place manages a concept in which different flavors are mixed, in which traditional Mexican cuisine is fused with contemporary gastronomy.

From appetizers such as deer salpicón tostadas with mashed plantain, to house cocktails such as Mojito Fussión, the menu offered here is extensive. In addition, during the year the dishes are changed according to the season to offer new flavors to visitors.

If you want to enjoy avant-garde cuisine with a sophisticated touch during your trip, visit Restaurante Fussión, located at Avenida 1º de mayo 632, Veracruz.

For reservations go to:
Website: https://restaurantefussion.com/
Facebook : /fussionrestaurante
You can also get more information at Fussion Restaurant & Workshop.

Where to eat in Boca del Río?

Boca del Río is a small town that has all the charm of the coast of Veracruz. Although it used to be just a fishing village, nowadays it has become a suburban area of the port.

The best place to eat here is La Luna Sul Mare, a restaurant that offers traditional Italian food with the best view from its terraces to the Bocana and the sea.

This place has a relaxed atmosphere, with the best gastronomy, as well as three separate environments (solo, low terrace and high terrace), and each one of them with live music for you to spend an unforgettable moment.

In addition, if you want to have fun, on Fridays and Saturdays there are live DJs for you to enjoy a dancing night.

Located at Calle Zamora 309, Boca del Río, La Luna Sul Mare is a must in your gastronomic itinerary.

For reservations go to:
Facebook: /lunasulmareboca
Instagram: @lalunasulmare_boca
You can also get more information at La Luna Sul Mare or send an email to lunasulmarerh@gmail.com

In case you want to eat quality seafood and something more during your tour of Boca del Río, then we recommend Fisher's Veracruz.

Located on the federal highway Boca del Río-Anton Lizardo Plaza el Dorado, Veracruz, this place surprises for the variety of its dishes and for the quality in each one of them.

You can taste new flavors and enjoy a cozy atmosphere, ideal to share with your family.

If you are looking for excellence in seafood, Fisher's Veracruz is a must in your gastronomic route.

For reservations go to:
Website: https://www.fishers.com.mx/
Facebook: /fishersveracruz
You can also get more information at Fisher's Veracruz.

Where to stay?

One of the main aspects you have to take into account when booking a lodging is the place where it is located.

The best area to stay in Veracruz is Paseo José Martí. Staying here you will be very well located to go to the Port of Veracruz and downtown Boca del Rio.

Another advantage of this area is that its streets are surrounded by restaurants, boutiques, bars, shops and entertainment venues, so you can enjoy your stay in Veracruz in the best way.

What activities should you do?

1- Visit the boardwalk of Veracruz: it is one of the largest boardwalks in Mexico and one of the busiest places in the port of Veracruz. It offers a spectacular view of the bay, as well as of the beautiful buildings located in this area, such as the PEMEX Tower and the Venustiano Carranza lighthouse. This place is ideal for a morning or afternoon run.

2- Visit México Verde: in this ecotourism park located in Jalcomulco, Veracruz, you can practice different sports and adventure activities such as: glamping, rafting, rappel, river rafting, kayaking, canyoning, ecotourism, among many other expeditions and activities.

If you like hiking, we recommend that during your visit to Jalcomulco you go hiking in the Cañón de las Mariposas and La Gotera, an activity that will allow you to admire the nature of the area.

This resort also has a delicious buffet and an excellent cocktail bar for you to enjoy your stay to the fullest.

To contact México Verde go to: https://www.mexicoverde.com/. You can also request information by clicking here.

3- Visit Mandinga: located 30 minutes from Boca del Río, Mandinga is one of the ideal places for boat rides, as well as for kayaking, either in the lagoon or in its beautifulb.

This fishing village also has a wide variety of restaurants specializing in seafood and where you can also try the most traditional fish of the area at a very affordable price.

Keep this guide handy and live the best experience in Veracruz!


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