Chaos at San Ysidro border crossing: driver believed to have run over a child

Vendors in the area stopped the driver so he would not escape

This Sunday afternoon, users of "Cómo está la línea" Facebook pages began to share videos and photos of a terrible scene: a group of people attacked a car at the San Ysidro border crossing because a man allegedly ran over a child.

There are several videos circulating on social media, one of them shows Mexican police officers taking a man to the patrol car followed by a mob shouting in annoyance that he had run over someone, the shouts indicate that it was a child.

Another video shows a car with its windows completely shattered while people surround a man who is rescued by the police, who later appears escorted and with his shirt halfway down his torso.

In the video, profanity is heard and one person says: "they want to lynch him".

So far it has not been confirmed if it was a child, the only information we have is that a commotion was generated at the checkpoint in which the person seen in the video was involved.

(news in development)

VIDEO: Chaos at checkpoint due to alleged hit-and-run by user of "Cómo está la línea" Gustavo Cardenas


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