Tijuana is a pioneer in inclusion of the deaf community

The Tijuana City Hall informed that with the help of the Secretary of Welfare and the office of the presidency, an easier way to carry out procedures and services for the hearing impaired will be implemented

With the objective of promoting the relationship between deaf and hearing people, the Tijuana Relay Center (Certi) was presented. A project that aims to integrate and meet the specific needs of the community in the various government agencies in the municipality. The meeting was attended by the Secretary of Municipal Public Education, Margarita Rosas Hernández, the Director of Information Technology, Daniel Alberto Fabela Valdez and the Municipal President, Karla Patricia Ruiz Macfarland.

The Tijuana Relay Center will operate through the platform of the municipality, with the collaboration of the Directorate of Information Technology, so that people who arrive at the various municipal agencies can connect to the online service with one of the interpreters, using the tablets provided at each location, to mediate communication between the deaf user and the staff of the area that assists them, which will be simultaneous, accurate and confidential.

This program is supported by a team of 11 Mexican Sign Language interpreters, who will offer the service to people with hearing disabilities to carry out the procedures and formalities they need. In addition, it will help to have an immediate and more inclusive communication.

In the framework of the National Day of Mexican Sign Language, Rosas Hernández explained that this technological platform is a concept that already exists in the United States and Colombia, to mention a few, which makes Mexico one of the first countries in Latin America to use this technological system.

"Today brings us together an important precedent through this project for the deaf community in our city. The Certi will serve all the institutions that require it, starting with 30 points of contact, strategically established according to the needs of the community, for which an investment of 323 thousand 151.76 pesos was made in the devices," detailed the Secretary of Education.

In her message, Rosas Hernández pointed out that: "more than one thousand 520 interpretations have been carried out in elementary school, one thousand 140 in middle school and one thousand 280 in high school, totaling 3 thousand 940 interpretation services per year", she continued. As an inclusive government, simultaneous interpretations have also been provided in 735 public events, including town hall sessions, which have been broadcast on the Internet so that the deaf community can learn about government actions.

To conclude, Karla Patricia Ruiz Macfarland commented: "Today we are brought together by the conciliation of a very special project, which I am sure will leave a precedent without equal, not only in Tijuana, but throughout Mexico, so I want to thank the Municipal Public Education Secretariat and the National Union of the Deaf in Mexico, as they have worked for years to serve students with hearing disabilities and that we can potentiate it to a thousand, so we create and support policies addressing their needs".

"The cross-cutting strategies have allowed us to give a new dimension to the municipality's government actions. Among the new challenges addressed by the XXIII City Hall are the perspective of equity and inclusion; the intensive use of digital media; and greater dialogue and exchange of ideas between the government and the community," said the mayor.

During the event, three tablets were symbolically delivered to representatives of the Civil Registry Office, the Secretary of Welfare and the DIF Tijuana System. Also present were the Secretary of Welfare, Melba Adriana Olvera Rodríguez; Daniel Alberto Fabela Valdez, Director of Information Technology; and León Ricardo Parra Encina, President of the National Union of the Deaf in Mexico.

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