Mayor of Tijuana Karla Ruiz stands out for her support of sports activities

On Saturday, June 12, she went to the Villa del Prado neighborhood to lead the reactivation of the "Sábados de Bienestar" (Wellness Saturdays)

The Mayor of Tijuana, Karla Ruiz Macfarland has stood out since she took office at the beginning of the year and has not only distinguished herself by supporting the problems of violence and insecurity that women in the city suffer on a daily basis, but has also focused her attention on sports activities.

For this reason, we are not surprised to find that she has supported various programs to promote physical culture in the Municipal Sports Institute of Tijuana (Imdet), where they have announced that a series of activities have been resumed, after the transition of the epidemiological traffic light in the region.

Among the activities that the mayor has supported are physical activation classes such as yoga, karate do, boxing, volleyball and swimming. In this last activity, four levels were opened so that all citizens can enjoy the activity: initiation, intermediate, advanced and master.

In addition, recently, on Saturday, June 12, she went to the Villa del Prado neighborhood to head the reactivation of the Wellness Saturdays, focused on children and young people to perform activities that allow them to have an active and healthy life.

In addition to this, she gave out skateboards for children and young people during the inauguration of the new recreational space Skate Park. According to a press release from the City Hall, "for the municipal president it is of utmost importance, in addition to benefiting all citizens, to be close to them and listen to their needs and concerns".

Here is a list of the sports centers, so you can find the one closest to you:

Unidad Deportiva CREA
Unidad Deportiva Tijuana
Auditorio Municipal Fausto Gutiérrez Moreno
Unidad Deportiva Reforma
Unidad Deportiva Parque Azteca
Unidad Deportiva Torres del Mariano
Unidad Deportiva ‘Pajarito’ Ruiz
Unidad Deportiva Nueva Tijuana
Unidad Deportiva El Bosque
Unidad Deportiva Mariano Matamoros
Unidad Deportiva El Rubí
Unidad Deportiva El Planetario
Unidad Deportiva Sánchez Taboada
Unidad Deportiva Las Cascadas
Unidad Deportiva Jorge Fitch
Unidad Deportiva Salvatierra
Unidad Deportiva Las Californias
Unidad Deportiva El Dorado

VIDEO: Tijuana Mayor Karla Ruiz Macfarland presents achievement report


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