Tortillas thrown at Latino players during basketball game in San Diego

The athletes experienced an outrageous moment in the middle of a basketball game when some young men began to throw packets of tortillas at them on the court

During a basketball game that took place in San Diego's Coronado High School, located in the state of California, students belonging to one of the teams that had planned to face each other in the sporting event began to throw tortillas at players of the opposing team of Latino origin.

Here is the video: San Diego experiences racism in the middle of basketball game

The unpleasant incident took place yesterday afternoon, Saturday, June 19, turning what was planned to be a fun family afternoon into another warning sign of the racism that continues to prevail in society, a factor that is even more worrisome if we take into account that the perpetrators are young people between the ages of 15 and 18.

The events escalated to such an extent that the teenagers started a fist fight, causing the intervention of the police, who arrived at the school to control the disaster generated by the behavior of the students.

Undoubtedly, it is truly incredible that this type of events continue to happen, even more so that the players' families, as well as the athletes themselves have to go through this type of situation nowadays.

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