San Diego Mayor recognizes Karla Ruiz's work as Mayor of Tijuana

During the signature for the construction of the Otay II border Port of entry, the mayor of San Diego recognized the mayoress

This Monday, June 28th, a signing ceremony was held to consolidate the plan of the United States and Mexico to create a new border crossing point at Otay Mesa, which will be a new option to cross into San Diego.

During the conference some of the people who made this possible, thanked the willingness of both countries to create a similar project and continue with it, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the people who spoke about this was the Mayor of San Diego, Todd Gloria, who took the opportunity to thank the Mayor of Tijuana, Karla Ruiz Macfarland, for enabling the meetings between San Diego and Tijuana.

He acknowledged that it is not easy to lead cities as important as these, and admired the work that Karla Ruiz has done since she took office. He even asked her to accompany him while he gave his speech, Ruiz Macfarland came to his side and listened to Gloria say a few words, each next to the flag that represents their country.

The mayor informed that it will be very important to maintain excellent relations for the benefit of this binational megaregion, since thanks to this project the citizens will be able to live more comfortably and there will be more job opportunities.

This only consolidates what was proposed a few months ago, when these two mayors met through a virtual meeting where Karla Ruiz said that both nations will work in favor of the communities to strengthen the economic and social union of the region.

Ayuntamiento de Tijuana
Ayuntamiento de Tijuana

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