Chula Vista teen raises funds to help Venezuelan families in need

64 immigrant families live in precarious conditions

64 Venezuelan families living in precarious conditions are experiencing a difficult situation between the Venezuelan and Colombian borders. Their houses are made simply of sticks and sheets, as well as plastic walls and roofs.

Sabrina Speckman, a young woman from Chula Vista, is volunteering this summer at a Red Cross medical clinic on the border.

Seeing the precarious situation of the families, Sabrina created a fundraiser "Positive Potential" to raise money for the "Somos Unidos" families to help improve their living conditions.

Speckman created a campaign to raise funds for the Venezuelan families on Go Fund Me, where anyone who wants can support this community in need.

They hope to raise basic medical supplies, clothing and other life essentials through the funds.

During this experience, the young woman from Chula Vista befriended a family that has a daughter who needs surgery to remove a tumor located on her back. The surgery costs $500, but clearly the family does not have the means to cure their daughter.

Therefore, part of the funds raised in Go Fund Me, will be destined for the surgery of the little girl.

Log in here to support the Venezuelan families.


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