Planning begins for sports park for Tijuana's East Zone

The eastern zone of the city has a large number of inhabitants

The Cerro Colorado, La Presa Abelardo L. Rodríguez and La Presa Este neighborhoods, which are part of Tijuana's East Zone, have a large number of residents. Because of this, the municipal authorities are executing various road and structural works that promote health, education, security and social union among the families that live there.

Recently, the City Council worked hand in hand with the federal government to build sports and cultural centers and schools, as well as to improve parks in neighborhoods where there is a pressing need for such spaces for the social development of children, young people and adults.

These spaces help to promote healthy recreation for the population in general by providing them with places where they can engage in physical activity, socializing and different outdoor activities. This translates into health, both physical and mental, as well as wellbeing for the population in general.

To give continuity to the improvement work, the Secretariat of Territorial, Urban and Environmental Development (SDTUA) is working on the Sports Park project on a 76 thousand square meter site in the southern part of Cerro de las Abejas, belonging to the municipality, for which topographic studies were carried out and finished last Monday, July 12.

The SDTUA explained that in the northern part of Cerro de las Abejas human settlements have been developing, one of them in a polygon that belongs to the State and another one in a private property.

The municipal agency informed that on Tuesday, July 13, the families began to settle in the southern part, some of them within the property belonging to the municipality. For this reason, the Mayor's Office of the Tijuana City Hall agreed to urge the families to leave in order to begin with the delimitation of the property, placing a fence that will allow them to continue with the pertinent studies for the development of the Sports Park.

The SDTUA will be in charge of the project, which includes soccer and soccer fields, baseball fields for children and youth, swimming pool, multiple fields and recreational areas, which will meet the needs of thousands of families living in the eastern part of Tijuana.

It is worth mentioning that at the moment the families located in the area have responded in a good way to the exhortation, so it is expected that the land will be kept clear and work is expected to begin in September, once the necessary studies have been completed.

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