Security and sanctions will be reinforced in La Bufadora after viral video

"This is not the first time that people have been found to be in areas that are not allowed and risk their lives," said the mayor of Ensenada

After a video circulating in social media, where a group of people can be seen being swept away by a current after being in a rocky area of La Bufadora, which is forbidden to enter, Ensenada authorities made a call to visitors.

The municipal president Armando Ayala Robles made a strong call to the community not to put their lives at risk and to refrain from entering the areas NOT allowed in the tourist center La Bufadora, a place where even the area for visiting and viewing the sea and the natural phenomenon is clearly delimited.

"It is not the first time that people have been found to be in non-permitted areas and risk their lives, for that reason security measures and the application of sanctions will be reinforced," said the mayor.

He also informed that surveillance is already being reinforced, and has given instructions to place more signs to inform visitors of the risks they run when entering prohibited areas.

Finally, he urged the visitors and tenants of this tourist center to report to 911 when they see people in prohibited areas, so that the authorities can come to evict them.

Video: Tourists almost drowned at La Bufadora


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