Tijuana residents receive medal for civic merit

This year the medal is named after "Josefina Rendón Parra"

The Civic Merit Medal, which this year bears the name of "Josefina Rendón Parra", in honor of the Baja California teacher, poet and forger, was awarded to historian José Gabriel Rivera Delgado and citizen José Luis Moreno Castellanos. The award ceremony was held at the Tijuana Cultural Center (CECUT).

Also honored at the event were professor Enriqueta Prado Luna and doctor Eva Tovar Hirashima, in the Education category; pediatric oncologist and hematologist Jesús Manuel Lozano García and nurse Nohemí Salas Ávila, in the Health category; artist and teacher Jaime Jiménez Cuanalo, as well as tenor Marco Antonio Labastida Bojórquez, in the Art and Culture category.

In addition, the activist and lawyer, Fernando Ocegueda Flores, along with the director of Unime, Juana Ortiz Quezada, were recognized in the category of Social Service; and the director of Civil Protection, Marco Antonio Sánchez Navarro, as well as the head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction of Tijuana, Tecate and Playas de Rosarito, María Remedios Lozada Romero, in the category of Public Servant.

The heroism put into their work to help others, and the sense of belonging they have shown to Tijuana, through promoting civic values, strengthening citizen participation and the identity of our region from their "trench" were some of the reasons that made them worthy of the award.

The presentation of the awards took place in an atmosphere that combined the emotional messages of the 12 winners of the call, with an artistic presentation by the Opera de Tijuana and the traditional honors to the flag by the 28th Infantry Battalion.

The city's chronicler, Mario Ortiz Villacorta Lacave, described the event as a memorable occasion to honor the memory of Professor Josefina Rendón Parra, on the centennial of her birth, who was a person who vindicated Tijuana and promoted civic and moral values through her poetry, which are still an influence for the youth.

"Also, special recognition is given to citizens who, like her, have fought and assumed the enormous responsibility of serving today and always for the benefit of the city and the preservation of its culture. These are citizens who were not easy to select, because many profiles were presented during the call," added Villacorta Lacave.

The awards ceremony was celebrated with the transmission of videos that showed the work that each of the winners performs in the community, followed by the message that each one of them addressed to their families, friends, co-workers and authorities present.


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