Elected governor Marina del Pilar backs Baja California's XXIV Legislature

Baja California's first governor is confident that they will work under the fundamental values that guide the Fourth Transformation

The governor-elect of Baja California, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, said she is confident that the XXIV Legislature of Baja California will exercise under the fundamental values that guide the Fourth Transformation: no lying, no stealing and no betraying the people; at the same time she wished the best to each of the 25 members.

The first woman to govern the state of Baja California highlighted that on this occasion the spaces for women predominated in the distribution of seats, with 14 female legislators and 11 male legislators, which is considered a historic fact that reflects a revolution in terms of women's participation in the public and political life of our state.

Marina del Pilar added that there will be full coordination between the Executive and Legislative Branches of Baja California, since only synergy and unity will result in initiatives that benefit the majority, especially the less favored groups of society.

He acknowledged the value of the citizen representatives who arrive for the first time to the legislative body, pointing out that they will have the support of the next state government to work for the benefit of the people, while those who repeat a space within the State Congress have enough experience to legislate key aspects, so they will have the support of the next administration.

Likewise, he thanked the tireless work of the XXIII Legislature as one of the founding entities of the Fourth Transformation in Baja California, which was characterized for beginning with the collapse of the system of privileges that prevailed before the arrival of the movement to the state, thus laying the foundations for the regeneration of Baja California's public life.

Finally, she pointed out that both women and men who will reach the State Congress must always keep in mind the principle of using power for the benefit of the people, seeking to leave a legacy for Baja California and demonstrating that real change is possible.

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