Ensenada says "no" to the municipalization of the water system

With eight votes against, the Ensenada City Council rejected the initiative presented by the mayor of this municipality

The mayor of Ensenada, Armando Ayala Robles, presented the creation of a municipal water and sewage services operator before the Ensenada City Council, which was rejected with eight votes.

Upon seeing that the initiative had been rejected, the municipal president decided to suspend the session, when the majority of the votes had already been cast. Minutes later, the session was resumed and the voting was resumed, with the final result being eight votes against.

The session took place last Wednesday night, August 4, where Brenda Valenzuela and Carmen Jiménez, councilors of Ensenada, said they did not have enough information to review the issue, and, as it happened in the Congress, they pointed out that internal procedures were violated and it was done with unacceptable haste.

The ones who voted against it were Adolfo Muñoz Benítez, Marisol Sánchez García, Carmen Salazar Guerra, Yolanda Navarro Caballero, Carmen Jiménez García, Brenda Valenzuela Tortoledo, Diego Lara Arregui and Raúl Vera Rodríguez.

In a bulletin issued by the municipal government, it was specified that after the result of the vote, the municipal agency called Water and Municipal Sanitation of Ensenada was rejected. Proposed as part of an initiative of urgent and obvious resolution.

We recall that the municipalities of Mexicali, Tecate and Playas de Rosarito have already filed constitutional controversies against what was approved by the City Council, and the councilors of Tijuana and Ensenada have already asked the Syndicates to do the same, so the argument against the proposal is strengthened.

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