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Little hope for U.S.-Mexico border reopening this August

Marcelo Ebrard said they expect an answer to be given to Mexico today on the next steps to be taken to reactivate the economy in the border region

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The Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, informed that today he will meet with a delegation of eight high-ranking U.S. officials, who will visit Mexico to discuss various issues, such as the lifting of non-essential travel restrictions on the border between the two countries.

Some of the U.S. officials who will arrive today are Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security; Jake Sullivan, who is Homeland Security Advisor and Juan González, Director of the National Security Council for America.

Ebrard commented that they will seek to know when they will "reopen" non-essential activities, and normalize the flow at the northern border, since vaccination in Mexico has made great progress. But he said that it will not be next August 21.

"August 21 I would consider it too soon, I don't think it is feasible. It would be feeding an expectation that we have no grounds to say that it will be carried out, I do not see it as close as August 21, but we would hope that today they can give us an answer as to what steps will be taken so that as soon as possible, after August 21, the economy in the border region can be reactivated".

The minister said that there is a good relationship between both countries, and that the issues raised by Mexico are being addressed, and vice versa.

As we mentioned, the Secretary accompanied President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in his call with US Vice President Kamala Harris yesterday, with whom this issue was also discussed, as it is vital for the economic recovery of both countries.

VIDEO: Mexico will seek a date for reopening the border with the U.S.


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