New Tijuana-San Diego toll Port of Entry will be more innovative than ever

State Route 11/Otay Mesa East Port of Entry project is a joint effort between Mexico and the U.S.

Photo by: Cortesía

The construction of the first toll Port of Entry between Mexico and the United States at Otay Mesa, also known as Otay II, will begin next July 2022. The project, which will have the investment of the Mexican and U.S. governments, expects to reduce the waiting time of crossings by 50%.

And what will this gateway implement that will make it look like the most innovative of the ports of entry to the United States and will open in 2024?

It will reduce waiting time

Perhaps the most striking feature of this new gateway is that it will have an intelligent network that will allow the different lanes to open depending on demand; for example, if the normal car lanes are saturated and the truck lanes are free, these lanes will open automatically.


It will reduce greenhouse gases

Currently, travelers crossing the border between Tijuana and San Diego experience several hours of waiting time. Idling trucks and cars are detrimental to the region's air quality and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Less waiting time will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


It will have an advanced information system

This will serve to know the fares (which will change depending on demand), and will also establish the approximate waiting time to cross to San Diego.


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