Tijuana City Council studies 157 bridges to prevent structural damages

61 are vehicle bridges and 61 are pedestrian bridges

The Tijuana City Hall, under the direction of Mayor Karla Ruiz Macfarland, has the objective of preventing structural damages in the different viaducts of the city, and protecting the physical integrity of the population, for which it will carry out technical studies in 96 vehicular bridges and 61 pedestrian bridges.

The head of DOIUM, Alfonso Padrés Pesqueira, informed that, with the support of technical personnel and specialists from the Urban Administration, the School of Engineering of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC) in Mexicali, the Civil Engineers Association of Tijuana, the National Association of Independent Laboratories, the Construction Service in Tijuana and Mexican Companies of the Construction Industry Tijuana-Tecate-Rosarito, evaluations were made in these urban crossings.

However, he assured that it was necessary to request the company Euro Studies Industrial Engineers to carry out a scientific-physical study, in order to analyze and diagnose the status of these bridges, which revealed the existence of five vulnerable vehicular bridges in Tijuana, among which are the Vía Rápida Poniente "Los Olivos" and the Alberto Limón Padilla, which connects with the Manuel J. Clouthier Boulevard, in the Otay delegation.

Likewise, the Alberto Limón Padilla Boulevard bridge, with intersection at Terán Terán Avenue; the Blake Mora and Casa Blanca Boulevard, in the Las Torres neighborhood, within the La Presa Abelardo L. Rodríguez district; and finally, the one on Niños Héroes Prolongation, in the 20 de Noviembre neighborhood. All five of them show wear in their structures, so a project is being carried out to take care of them.

Regarding crosswalks, Padrés Pesqueira detailed that four vulnerable bridges have been detected: Rosas Magallón and Francisco Villa; Rosas Magallón, in front of Swap Meet Fundadores; Parque Industrial Pacifico; and the Valle Sur bridge. These are located in the San Antonio de los Buenos delegation, where structural damage caused by automobile accidents was found. Therefore, the structure and ligaments need to be reinforced.

After the diagnoses, DOIUM attended the reconstruction of a bridge, located on Libramiento Rosas Magallón, at the Manuel Paredes and Niños Héroes neighborhoods. Subsequently, work will begin on the bridge located between the Niños Heroes and La Obrera neighborhoods, with the support of equipment from the La Mesa delegation.

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