Users on social media claim that ''Tlali'' resembles a woman from Wakanda more than an indigenous Mexican

Many memes have emerged with the new sculpture that will be located in Paseo de la Reforma, some comparing it to a woman of African roots and not from Mexico

Through social media, several internet users have complained about the appearance of the new statue that will adorn Paseo de Reforma, saying that despite the objective of recognizing the importance of indigenous women in Mexico, the reality is that it resembles a woman with African features or this is what was implied by several memes that are already going around the world through the internet.

With the hashtag #Tlali, the name of the statue, which in the Nahuatl language means "Earth", Mexicans have taken the opportunity to give their point of view and point stating that she does not look like an authentic Mexican indigenous woman and that even if she were, it would seem that she had a few plastic surgeries.

The monument was designed by artist Pedro Reyes, who said in an interview with Teleradio, that he was inspired by different arts of the country, his main reference was the heads created by the Olmec people, as they are the oldest artistic expressions in the country.

Tlali will be replacing the statue of Christopher Columbus that had been in the site for several years, although it will not be removed, but will be relocated to the Parque de Las Americas, as authorized by the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

It is worth mentioning that this round about has been a common spot for some years for demonstrations by feminist collectives and organizations that continue in their struggle to eliminate gender violence in Mexico.

Although the inauguration of this new monument has no exact date, it is estimated that the Colón monument will be removed before October 12, Columbus Day, as authorities assure that by that day it will no longer be in place.

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