Tijuana's first female mayor, Karla Ruiz receives recognition from Mujer Actual magazine

Tijuana Mayor Karla Ruiz Macfarland is once again recognized for her work

The mayor of Tijuana, Karla Ruiz Macfarland is often recognized for the work she has done to make Tijuana a better city. This work has different aspects, some related to the environment, others to binational relations or her initiatives in favor of adolescence, inclusion and women.

Therefore, we are not surprised that the magazine Mujer Actual has recognized this Tuesday, September 22, the work of the first municipal woman president of Tijuana for leading the way for women interested in political life to seek to develop in this field under a vision of women's leadership.

According to the magazine's founder and director, Saida Muriel, Mayor Karla Ruiz is a woman who has represented women from "the chair" of highest honor in Tijuana. "You are an inspiration, a source of pride, the example and representation of what a Woman of Today is, one who sets the standard for the new generations of women who follow your example," said Muriel addressing the mayor.

This is not the first time that the mayor has received recognition on the subject of female leadership, in early September she was recognized by the association A.C. Mujeres de Colores thanks to her social work to serve and meet the needs of the people of Tijuana.

"The most difficult thing about politics is not losing my feminine essence, because many times people criticize you or get angry, but that is not the way, my priority has always been service and changing the city, investing in sports, culture, art, music to change the social fabric and fight insecurity" said the mayoress in a statement.

VIDEO: Inclusion of children and youth among the priorities of Tijuana's Mayor Karla Ruiz


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