5 contributions from Karla Ruiz's term as Mayor of Tijuana

Tijuana's Mayor leaves office this Wednesday and these are the things we will remember most about her administration

Today, Wednesday, September 29th, Tijuana's first female mayor, Karla Ruiz Macfarland concluded her 9-month term, she entered as Arturo González Cruz's substitute.

The mayor took the reins of Tijuana, determined to improve the city's situation in only 9 months of government, which she seems to have achieved after seeing her initiatives and efforts. Here is a list of these to bid farewell to Mayor Karla Ruiz Macfarland.

1. Contributions in green areas and cleanliness of the city

The Tijuana City Hall, headed by Ruiz Macfarland, began a list of activities aimed at preserving the Morelos and Amistad parks on February 21. For which a day of reforestation of 850 trees was organized in the nursery area of Morelos Park, in addition the oriental garden was reforested with 130 laurel rose bushes and 150 bushes were added.

She also delivered cargo vehicles to the Municipal Public Services Department with the objective of improving the cleaning process in the city, this represented an important step to end the garbage problem that existed in the city of Tijuana.

2. Focusing on tourism to boost the economy

During this administration, the municipality reported 180% of national and foreign investments. These numbers are positive, as they reflect the foreign interest in the city. On the same topic, it granted equipment to the Tijuana Tourist Police, due to its relevance, as they provide assistance to international visitors, mostly from the United States.

Likewise, the administration of Karla Ruiz has coordinated with the Tourism and Convention Committee of Tijuana (Cotuco) to carry out several events, among which stands out the one presented on Revolucion Avenue, "Expo Tourism Tijuana and the Mega Region". The purpose of this event was to promote the most outstanding and important tourist attractions of Tijuana and the Baja California region.

3. Inclusive activities for children and young people

In September they carried out a virtual campaign on universal accessibility, called "Mobility without Barriers", which sought to raise awareness among the population about the importance of not obstructing access for people with disabilities with garbage, vehicles or sales stands, and thus promote strategies to help transform the current culture.

She also visited the facilities of the Children's Rehabilitation and Inclusion Center (CRIT), located in the border city, recognizing not only its work, but inviting Tijuanans to see for themselves the services provided, which are possible thanks to the joint effort between this institution and the participation of citizens.

On another occasion, she also joined the Inclusive Children's Mini-Olympics at the CREA Sports Unit, where more than 150 children and adolescents participated in 50-meter bike races, ball throwing, obstacle courses, among other activities. During this event, the Mayoress took the opportunity to give toys to the children.

4. Maintains excellent relations with San Diego authorities

Despite the border restrictions between the United States and Mexico, which continue to affect border residents, the leaders of Tijuana and San Diego maintain excellent communication and seem to agree on the relevant points to improve the relationship between the border cities.

In February, when Karla Ruiz Macfarland and Todd Gloria, mayor of Tijuana and mayor of San Diego, respectively, engaged in their first conversation through the Zoom platform, they established that they would work in favor of the communities on both sides of the border.

5. Made contributions to local sports

Just a few days ago, the mayor was in charge of delivering sports equipment for the Lázaro Cárdenas center, and also inaugurated the new recreational space Skate Park. According to a press release from the City Hall: "for the municipal president it is of utmost importance, in addition to benefiting all citizens, to be close to them and listen to their needs and concerns".

And we cannot forget that under the direction of Karla Ruiz, one of the most representative works took place, which consisted of a complete remodeling of the Sports Unit of "El Mirador", in which 6 million 600 thousand pesos were invested, for the benefit of more than 30 thousand people. Likewise, the rapid soccer field was rehabilitated, along with lighting in general.

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