Operation against Maruchan and other instant soups to begin in Mexico

The distribution of 129 thousand units of instant soups of different brands will be discontinued

Photo by: Edward vía Pexels

Last Friday we learned of a piece of news that surely shocked many: Ricardo Sheffield, head of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (PROFECO), informed about the removal of two imported brands of instant soups from the market.

According to the head of PROFECO, these types of soups cause damage to health and are characterized for using misleading advertising to increase sales. However, although at the beginning there was talk of two brands, now we have learned that there will be almost twenty of them, including the favorite of many: Maruchan.

In an official statement they informed that although in the most recent immobilization of this product Maruchan Ramen was not affected, it will be affected in the next ones.

Although in the operation carried out on Friday the product Maruchan Ramen, which has minimal amounts of vegetables, was not found, the product is involved in misleading advertising, so it will be immobilized in future operations.

According to the analysis, the list of ingredients of these soups contains wheat flour and starches and may contain seasonings, sauces, meat extracts, cheese, tomato, flavor enhancers, sugars, fats or oils, vegetables, among others.

They also warn that these ingredients, plus the styrofoam container, heated in the microwave can cause the release of chemicals that affect people's health.

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