Cross to San Diego faster: Aeromexico to integrate CBX on flights to Tijuana

The airline will integrate the CBX pass for customers who request it

Aeromexico issued a statement informing travelers that in order to make the experience faster and more convenient for customers traveling between Mexico and the United States via Cross Border Xpress, the airline will integrate the CBX pass for customers who request it.

According to Aeromexico's Executive Vice President of Digital and Customer Experience, Andrés Castañeda:

'We want our customers to have a better travel experience. That is why we are investing in an alliance with CBX to make the border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego more agile and convenient for our customers traveling on the more than four hundred flights we have every month to and from Mexico City and Tijuana".

CBX is a pedestrian bridge exclusively for passengers at the Tijuana International Airport that connects to a service terminal in San Diego, California. This allows an agile, comfortable and safe border crossing, making it an excellent crossing alternative.

What do I have to do to acquire the pass? It will only be necessary to use the IATA code TJX, this way travelers will have the digital passes for both services from the airline's website without having to go to the counter to make the purchase.

It should be noted that this service will be available from November 2021.

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