Request to cancel construction of APM concert forum in Valle de Guadalupe is made

They argue that this would bring double the population to the valley

Photo by: Por un Valle de Verdad

This week some associations such as Por un Valle de Verdad, Baja California Winemakers Association, Baja California Wine Product System State Committee and Provino Committee, informed that they disagree with the construction of the APM Forum in Valle de Guadalupe.

This forum is a mega project for massive concerts to be held in this popular tourist area. However, the associations argue that the size of the construction could double the total number of inhabitants in Valle de Guadalupe.

For this group, the forum would violate the most precious thing that the Wine Route has, which is the quality of life of the community, and there would be a deterioration of the landscape. For this reason, they are asking the Ensenada City Council, headed by the Morenista mayor, Armando Ayala Robles, to study the project's viability.

According to the statement sent by the productive sectors of Valle de Guadalupe:

A project of this nature requires extensive studies for its viability. It is precisely because of situations like this that the Ecological Management Program for the San Antonio de las Minas-Valle de Guadalupe Corridor exists at the State level and at the Municipal level in the case of the Zoning and Land Use Regulations for the Sector Program for Urban-Tourist Development of the Wine Valleys of the Northern Zone of the Municipality of Ensenada.

For the group, concerned about maintaining the quality of the area, it is important to make it clear that if it begins to operate it will be creating a precedent that could damage the important wine-growing area. In this regard, Por Un Valle de Verdad recognized that it had been warning the authorities for months about the illegal clearing of 25 hectares of agricultural land.

Under the protection of the authorities, high impact incompatible activity is being privileged to the detriment of that which positioned the Valle de Guadalupe on the world map of viticulture and enotourism.

In this photo you can see how the area looked before the machines went through to prepare the land:

Likewise, Por un Valle de Verdad has called on the municipal government to apply the provisions of the Zoning and Land Use Regulations for the Sector Program for Urban-Tourism Development of the Wine Valleys of the Northern Zone of the Municipality of Ensenada in order to enforce the rights of the community that is dissatisfied with the creation of the stadium.

It also addressed the state and federal governments to protect "the fragile ecosystem of the conservation zone, which is vulnerable to the construction of the APM Producciones Forum, and to safeguard the integrity of the native species involved".

This is not the first time that someone has raised their voice against concerts in the Valley; at the beginning of September, Tijuana chef Javier Plascencia assured that "regional Mexican" concerts should not be held in Valle de Guadalupe, as this would attract insecurity in a gastronomic and family space.

In the interview, granted to Ana Lilia Ramirez of La Jornada BC, he declared that he is not an elitist, as he also likes this genre, however, he informed that there are places to listen to this type of music and Valle de Guadalupe is not one of them. "It is an agricultural space that has to be protected and cared for as a natural space", he added.

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