Discover the biggest and most delicious Hot Dogs in Tijuana

What's different about this establishment is that there is a condiment bar at your convenience

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If you love hotdogs you can't miss Los CornDogs de Tijuana. This delicious and munchy place is in charge of making their own sausages with a great variety to enjoy: beef, beer marinated pork, spicy pork and the most recent one with jalapeño cheddar.

This place, which you've surely been craving to know, is located on Paseo del Rio Avenue in the 3rd stage of the Tijuana River and you will find them open from Thursday to Sunday from 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The truck's goal is that people who visit them, try all the sausages so they can decide which one is their favorite. But hotdogs are not the only delicious delicacy available at the establishment: there are also corn dogs where you can choose your favorite sausage.

It's worth noting that these corn dogs are not frozen; instead, they make their own flour mix and it's on the spot when they cook your corn dog. They recently added one that instead of having some kind of meat, has pure cheese that melts when they cook it.

What's different about this establishment is that there is a condiment bar at your service: there's ketchup, bbq and many other toppings. But we're still not talking about something too flashy, their specialty is turkey legs, these are cured and smoked and purchased from the same supplier as the Disneyland legs.

Los CornDogs Facebook
Los CornDogs Facebook

So if you want to enjoy Disneyland seasoning now that the restrictions are still in place, this is an excellent option. They also have curly fries, nachos with the option of placing their delicious sausages on top of them, without a doubt the most delicious munchies.

And something you will love is that they have free lemonade and the sizes of their legs, hotdogs and corn dogs are always jumbo, so you definitely won't leave hungry.


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