Grupo Cosmopolitan's buildings improve Tijuana's urban landscape

The areas chosen by Grupo Cosmopolitan are the "face" to foreign visitors, which generates confidence and attracts investments to the city

Photo by: Grupo Cosmopolitan

Do you walk through the streets of Tijuana and see spectacular buildings? Surely what you see is a creation of the Cosmopolitan Group, who for some years have seen the incredible potential that the city of Tijuana has, particularly the Zona Centro and Zona Rio, where they have built some of the most modern and stylish buildings in the region.

This is very important, since these areas are the ones that receive foreign visitors, particularly those coming from the United States, and this inspires confidence in them and attracts investments to the city.

One of the most modern spaces that exist in Tijuana are the Eazy Living and Eazy Workspace. The first has the function of transforming the traditional living experience, generating an environment full of community and coexistence as well as a relaxed and fun way to spend time: here there are spaces for games and sports and the areas where they are located are ideal for living and working.

Currently, Eazy Living can be found in Zona Rio and Zona Centro. If you want more information about this space just click here. It is worth mentioning that the price includes all services.

On the other hand, the Eazy Workspace is a space designed to work from a strategic position, that is, all the areas chosen for these buildings are close to restaurants, border crossings or places focused on entertainment. One of the great advantages is that you can change memberships to suit your needs and include everything you need for an office, from daily coffee to a copy center and projection rooms. You can find them in Zona Rio and they have spaces available. Something that entrepreneurs are sure to love is that they have a Baristi café as a neighbor.

Another building that stands out in the same location is LIFE by Cosmopolitan, located on Agua Caliente Boulevard. These are traditional apartments with one of the best locations in the city, they have a perfect distribution, exact amplitude, ideal lighting and a spectacular view. These apartments are almost finished, if you are looking for the ideal apartment, you will surely want to take a look at this page to discover the details.

In addition to these buildings there are other projects on the way that will feature the same contemporary design characteristic of Grupo Cosmopolitan. These will be Ruelle, an 8-story architectural complex that will be located on Revolucion Avenue. Not far from this building you will also find the Siete building, another departmental complex that will have 84 spaces. Loft and Norte will be added to these.

Likewise, the Cosmopolitan Skyline building will have a minimalist architecture, with more than 260 hotel rooms and around 4,000 square feet for the creation of a commercial space.

VIDEO: Cosmopolitan Group Tijuana have a new vision for the city


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