Places to visit in Tijuana during the month of October

If this season is one of your favorites, don't miss these places!

Photo by: Facebook La Ruta del Maíz & Facebook Cempasúchil Tijuana

Fall is one of the favorite seasons for many, so different places prepare all year long for these months, so now we will show you some places in Tijuana where you can enjoy the fall atmosphere.

La Ruta del Maíz (Corn Route)

You can find it on Boulevard 2000, this orchard opens its doors to the public every October, the reservations to enter this highly demanded place begin to register since August, these are sold out in weeks so it is important to book in time or be attentive to their social media in case of a free entrance to the area. According to the blog De cabeza por el Mundo, the exact address is given once the reservation is confirmed by WhatsApp.

It has areas of orchards, flower fields, and an area for children to decorate their own pumpkins, it should be noted that only the pumpkins are for sale, you must bring the materials to decorate them (paints, brushes, markers, colors, etc.). There is a guided tour of the different locations and at the end there is a small store with snacks, pies and cornbread to enjoy there or to take home.

The different locations and landscapes give the opportunity to take countless beautiful pictures, from the field of flowers to the house with pumpkins.

Facebook La Ruta del Maíz
Facebook La Ruta del Maíz

Cempasúchil Tijuana

This beautiful field of the traditional cempasúchil flowers has become a tourist attraction since last year when they began to give access to the public to take pictures and buy bouquets of flowers, it is worth mentioning that since last year they began with the planting and harvesting of these flowers.

Besides being able to appreciate the beautiful flowers before they are harvested you can take pictures in these fields and also buy bouquets of these flowers to add to the altars of the Day of the Dead.

Although last year the entrance was free, this year they invite you to reserve your place and call blablabla to learn more about it, as they are looking to innovate to improve the experience of the attendees to their fields.

Facebook Cempasúchil Tijuana
Facebook Cempasúchil Tijuana

La Huerta

This restaurant takes the fall season very seriously by adapting its facilities so that customers can enjoy its attractions for the whole family.

Within its pass which has a cost of $120 pesos you can have access to the farm, trampoline, children's play area and pumpkin garden.

It should be noted that children under 3 years old do not pay admission, this restaurant is located on Boulevard 2000, in Google Maps can be found as Rancho Casian.

Facebook La Huerta Restaurante
Facebook La Huerta Restaurante

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